Yellowstone Development

Building blocks for a real estate developer
  • Brand identity
  • Stationery
  • Touch points
  • Visual language
Yellowstone Development is a multidirectional estate-development company based in Chelyabinsk, Russia. It specialises in the creation of sustainable capitalisation concepts for real estate projects. The company is focused on the visualisation and marketing of real estate objects, brokerage, investment potential restorations and architectural solutions.


Yellowstone wanted to update their corporate identity by starting with the implementation of an innovative and modern approach while sticking to a minimalist core: the usage of black and white building blocks. Our main objective was to keep a high sense of maturity and to maintain a corporate character, but to infuse it with innovation and progressive thinking. By revamping the brand we seek to connect organically with a new category of clients — younger, riskier and more future oriented. Yellowstone creates up to 30 extensive corporate presentations a year and was in need of various, innovative presentation templates that include supportive and expressive brand elements.


We developed the Yellowstone brand by shaping a new corporate identity that is focused on contrasts and composition, typography, an adaptive ‘Fibonacci’ grid, and three fundamental base-colours. A natural, misty forest-green is used as an accent color, that is applied as an imagery filter as well, for all external and internal communication efforts; from presentations to on-boarding manuals and stationery. We emphasised on the innovative usage of materials for Yellowstone’s presentation of business ideas; proposals, books and brochures wrapped in air-tight silver foil envelopes — to add the unpacking surprise effect and bring an additional experiential value.