Mirage is an independent branding- and strategy company based in Berlin and Amsterdam. We offer future oriented creative solutions. To transform brands and drive business.

Identity — at the core of every brand are clearly and strongly defined values which connect emotionally with the desired target audiences. Through creative exploration together with our clients, we combine actionable insights, strategy and creativity to (re)shape exceptional, timeless and distinctive brand identities.

Design — we design with a mission. Combining magnetic aesthetics with unique and experienced techniques, our work influences and activates customer behaviour. We craft dynamic design systems, alluring visual languages and carefully identify elements for your business’ growth and performance. 

Marketing — our focus on quality and precision empowers you to capture and influence the attention of your audience, to effectively communicate your messaging across all desired channels, to ultimately turn consumers into loyal and engaged brand ambassadors. 

Strategy — we realise visions by translating your goals into strong and compelling touch points and experiences, allowing you to evolve your brand to its fullest potential. Whether you are building a new product or revitalising an existing service, we are here to make that happen. 

Mirage is focused on creating meaningful brand experiences which seek to redefine the relation between endurance, impact and resonation. With an anticipating attitude, we prepare our clients for the future by delivering creative solutions that accelerate growth.

We build brands. For the future.