Framing contemporary art
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Specter is a leading contemporary art initiative representing a roster of both emerging- and established artists, and is providing extensive art advisory services for a select clientele. Based in Berlin, Amsterdam and Hongkong, Specter aims to provide a unique and carefully curated selection of artworks and is committed to dedicate itself as a multidimensional platform to ignite and support visionary art projects worldwide that include curation, management and consultancy.


Specter is seeking to redefine the experience of culturally diverse contemporary art. Providing both artists and collectors with a platform to challenge and expand the interpretation of art on a global scale. Mirage was invited to shape the Specter brand strategy and its expressions through various touch points, both online and offline. The goal was to find a balance between exclusivity and attainment while establishing a strong positioning in the saturated and highly competitive world of arts. Do we want to be the canvas, or the painting?


Mirage has shaped a balanced and sophisticated brand identity for Specter with distinctive hints of character without demanding too much attention, in order to keep the focus on the art. Various touch points have been created that result in a minimalistic environment which focuses heavily on the usage of special materials. From brochures to a website, to actual exhibition- and gallery designs. Our strategists have created and executed various content- and social media strategies for Specter. Instagram: @spectercontemporary.