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TiHive is a tech start-up based in Grenoble, France that disrupts and innovates the entire industry of quality control. Combining Artificial Intelligence with Terahertz, a unique solution is provided that helps companies to increase production efficiency, quality and sustainability. TiHive enables its clients to have supervision.


Seeing. Interpretation. Understanding. TiHive provides companies with a system that creates the ability to have extra senses. To observe and to understand, to be able to optimise and anticipate, effectively. How do we build the new TiHive brand by visualising supervision? To be able to see through doesn’t necessarily mean to know what to expect. A sense of unexpectedness and puzzlement is present. How do we strike a balance between these two components? Mirage was invited to shape a brand strategy for TiHive and to develop a visual environment through the usage of various touch points, both online and offline.


After having conducted interviews with TiHive’s employees, we concluded that it was time to focus on innovation – to completely overhaul TiHive’s identity. Since summer 2021, Mirage has worked closely together with TiHive’s teams to revitalise their brand, reboot their digital presence, developing a more relevant brand. We’ve created a visionary brand identity that embodies a futuristic and vivid character. The visual representation of ‘image heat mapping’ has been embraced as the source of inspiration for TiHive’s new visual language. The outcome is a dynamic and multicolor pixelated gradient that always uses the same size of pixels, but never the same shape of gradient. The smaller the object, the bigger the pixel. Perspective. We’ve introduced various transparent touch points in order to give supervision a true experiential component. TiHive’s new visual environment represents a unique fusion of technology and humanistic dynamism.