The Solution

Branding, cleaning and sanitising
  • Brand identity
  • Naming
  • Packaging
  • Strategy
The Solution wants to simplify the way we clean and sanitise, effectively. The German startup offers a device that can create three sustainable detergent solutions: multipurpose, kitchen and bathroom. It’s a one-stop-shop that replaces all the usual plastic detergent bottles while at the same time providing an aesthetically appealing product that blends in seamlessly with households. For better environments. For caring people.


Cleaning and sanitising is important. Unmistakably important, but it’s also something we don’t necessarily like to do. The Solution wants to enhance this process. To ultimately create an effortless and straightforward dynamic that can be relied upon. Turning the need into a want. How do we build a distinctive brand in the ever-evolving industry of cleaning and sanitising products by not trying to emphasise on disruption? Mirage was invited to shape a brand strategy for The Solution and to develop its related expressions through the usage of various touch points, both online and offline. The goal was to shape an environment that embraces innovation, reliability and harmony.


We developed an approachable and straightforward visual environment with a warm and humanistic brand identity at its core. The Solution became a friendly and confident entity that accepts instead of denies by embracing and emphasising the source of its existence: surfaces that need to be treated. A minimalistic environment arises that combines its components in a balanced manner: a vibrant colour palette, modern typography pairings and a progressive-modular grid that allows us to create artistic yet functional layouts, applied to a wide variety of touch points. The Solution is a symbiosis of function and emotion. This project has won the German Design Award ’22.