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Verlan stimulates the development of professional and cultural dialogue through the organisation of exclusive and inspirational events such as talks, workshops and masterclasses. The Berlin based initiative believes firmly that the authentic dialogue will bring us closer to ourselves, and each other.


Dialogues are of immense importance to us. To our entire society. Not only our inner-dialogues, but certainly the dialogues we have with our fellow human beings. The exchange of thoughts, values, experiences and visions. It’s the core of human interaction. The fundament for growth. Verlan is focused on developing and enhancing dialogues by bringing people together through unique events and engaging content. The Berlin based organisation emphasises on exclusivity, intellect and inspiration. Mirage was invited to craft Verlan’s visual identity and brand narrative. How do we reverse engineer the visualisation of the human dialogue and the process of interpretation?


Verlan understood that if we want to enhance dialogues, we need clarity — clarity in communication and intention. We introduced a unique design and visual system that mirrors the constellation and organisation of letters and words. The elementary units of communication. With their new brand strategy and identity, Verlan is on its way to manifesting the root of its name – creating environments to creatively exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences – protecting and enhancing human dialogue.