Unveiling a movement
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Occultural is a Berlin based platform focused on creating content that intends to stimulate the dialogue between perception and imagination. This thought-provoking initiative dedicates itself to producing multidimensional and highly limited expressions such as writings, videos, apparel and exhibitions. Occultural is exclusive and refined by its nature, concentrating on disclosed knowledge, social undercurrents and topics lost in translation. To inspire, to ignite.


Mirage was invited to create ‘Reflexions’, the first upcoming book release by Occultural since its founding in 2018. The goal was to design the book by giving it an own character extracted from Occultural’s identity and associated brand-values of virtue, passion and imagination. As an extension of the book itself, multiple expressions had to be created that would support the launch event and contribute to the impact of the book, with a focus on offline experiences. By developing these expressions, we emphasised on further evolving the relationship between Occultural and its audience: to be a platform that inspires, a place where perception is challenged. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Or should you?


We defined and visualized the environment for Occultural’s new book from a perspective that emphasizes deeply on the morale of the story that ‘Reflexions’ is conveying. A pursuit of balance and growth resulting in the polarization of identity and expansion, a journey across the borders of perception and imagination. Our teamwork resulted in the creation of a book that seeks to trigger the senses of its reader through the usage of special materials and cryptic compositions. Various, multidimensional touch points have been created to support and strengthen the book and its release event, scheduled to take place in the spring of 2021. Reflexions has become a thought provoking collection of content and experience.