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Mimacom is a Swiss software company offering progressive tech solutions focused on digital transformation. With over 10 locations worldwide, Mimacom is an established organisation making impact in the fields of banking, insurance, life sciences and manufacturing.


The digital world is moving. Incredibly fast. It’s constantly renewing. Renewing and developing so fast, that it seems to be particularly challenging to get a hold of it. Is that even possible? Our digital world is a world on its own – an emergent entity that requires software oriented companies to be highly aware, adaptive and anticipatory. Mimacom helps companies such as Siemens, Bosch and Desigual to stay ahead in this fast changing digital world by creating custom software solutions that bring clarity and consistency. Bespoke software solutions that make an impact on people and business. On their existence. Our challenge was twofold; how do we fuse and incorporate the two main spheres of the company, people and tech? How do we interpret these digital journeys, visually? Mirage was invited to reimagine the Swiss software giant, from strategy to design.


A journey is not only about reaching a destination. It’s also about the way we get there. We started with the following question: what does staying ahead really mean? Is it about speed, about competition? Not explicitly, it’s also about awareness and focus – but primarily about teamwork and collaboration. About grasping the progress, together. To be able to understand the development and progression of these journeys is an essential part of navigating and steering them. The renewed Mimacom brand is all about the continuous flow – the unique flux of each digital journey that Mimacom embarks on with her clients and employees. At the core of the new brand we have created a custom logotype that intends to evoke stability and approachability, mirroring the twofold positioning of the brand – supported by Rene Bieder’s powerful Neue Campton typeface. The interconnectedness of the visual language conveys the empowering and interwoven relationship between people, tech and the journeys involved. The broad and vibrant color palette functions as an indicator for the depth of Mimacom’s services. With their crystallised story and new identity, Mimacom is heading towards a future of collaborative synergy.