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Rouvia is a transport planning and management platform for freight forwarders and logistics teams that integrates all modes of surface transport to unlock cost-efficiencies and environmental opportunities. The Berlin based start-up helps you find the best transport route via road, rail, and water.


Efficiency and sustainability in logistics is not necessarily going hand-in-hand. This is where rouvia decided to get involved, they created a platform with a clear purpose in mind: to enable the benefits of a network of multimodal transport routes. Rouvia is a digital freight forwarding platform that provides access to leading road, rail, and barge carriers, allowing its users to compare the benefits of uni-and multimodal transport options. Rouvia enables full access to a European-wide network of transport routes that adapts to transport needs. To make better and more conscious decisions.


The starting point of our work was to establish a new brand strategy together with a new name. What resulted was the creation of a brand identity that seeks to embody the dynamism of way finding and routing. The custom logotype is inspired by the dynamism of routes; incorporating both sharp edges as well as rounded curves – resembling roads, rails and waves. We have selected two typefaces from Copenhagen based type foundry Playtype: ‘Zichtbaar’ for headlines and ‘Mari’ for body texts — a pairing that seamlessly resonates with the logotype, conveying a characteristic sense of approachability. We introduced a visual system that mirrors unique constellations of different angles, emphasising on the fact that getting from A to B isn’t always that straightforward. The arrows form an integral part of the brand and play an important role in each brand touch point, from icons to billboards. With their new narrative and identity, rouvia is on its way to connect the loose ends of logistics, fusing the benefits of different modes of transport to provide freight forwarders with the option to not have to compromise.