Building a brand builder
  • Art direction
  • Brand identity
  • Naming
  • Touch points
Omen is a Berlin based initiative that incubates businesses through the development of company concepts. To create distinctive brand entities. Omen is focused on a wide range of services, from strategies, to management, to consultancy. Founded to make a difference by striving for the development of brand personalities that encompass character and dedication, Omen delivers authentic creative quality that results in strategic efficiency.


In a world ruled by technological advancements, empowered customers, and the consolidation of channels, the creative industry experiences an evolution in a pace never seen before. Omen’s challenge was to adapt to the world’s ever-evolving developments by defining a balance between agility and identity. How do we build this international business incubator on such way it incorporates its values prominently while finding harmony between sophistication and assertive progression? Omen had to be prepared for a launch planned to take place in the fall of 2021. Mirage was asked to translate the soul of this visionary company into a characteristic corporate identity.


Mirage created a corporate identity and visual environment for Omen which accurately reflects the soul of the brand. Evoking the personality traits we carefully defined as the foundation for Omen: sophistication, maturity and mystique. A custom made serif logotype forms the heart of the identity accompanied by a vintage color palette consisting of classic tones and an overall, elegant harmony of shadows and light. Various, multidimensional touch points have been created, from stationery to books and brochures. The results of our collaboration prepare Omen with a resilience to meet the opportunities and challenges the future has to bring.