Why Great Strategy Needs Creativity

When strategies are fueled with a good portion of creativity, unprecedented results can be expected. Injecting your strategies with creative elements is an approach worth pursuing. What kind of creativity are we talking about?

Game-changing strategies are born out of creative thinking, exploring unexpected routes with a daring willingness to make a difference. Incorporate various facets of creative impulses; explore new platforms which can support your strategies and approach your target group(s) from new perspectives in order to discover new entrances and ways for connecting. Consider using a cross-channel methodology and don’t hesitate to implement new topics to the content side of your strategy.

It’s always good to make an overview of questions which will help you significantly with setting up the foundation for your creative strategies. Here are a few of the questions we like to answer at the starting point of shaping creative strategies (not in following order) :

∙What is the positioning of my brand?
∙What do we want to convey; what are the objectives?
∙Who is the target audience?
∙What problem will we solve?
∙What is the creative story?
∙What call to actions do we utilize?
∙What channels will we use?
∙What is the budget?
∙How do we optimise?

Accomplishing success through detailed and innovative creative strategies requires persistence and focus. What we’ve learned from our experiences and from marketing research done in cooperation with our clients, is that psychology plays a significant role. Conveying strongly shaped interpersonal messages while maintaining a high sense of engagement with your target group(s) is a process you should incorporate in the blueprint of your strategy. Investigate your audience thoroughly. You’re in the people business.

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