Depicting moments with taste
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Founded in Zürich in 1948, Mövenpick started as a pioneer in the Swiss restaurant scene and grew into a premium international hotel brand, with inventive culinary excellence at its heart.


Mirage was invited to create a full funnel campaign that had to increase and strengthen brand awareness and consideration in Mövenpick’s key markets in Europe and North Africa first and foremost, whilst reinforcing the brand’s overall premium status. Across both objectives we needed to bridge the contextual message gap between F&B and hotel and establish the F&B experience as a differentiator to Mövenpick’s competitors. How do we create an emotional, human-centered campaign that emphasises with full clarity and authenticity the two main pillars of the brand? It was our mission to place Mövenpick at this intersection of change, connection and creativity, where food culture brings human connection.


Taste is subjective to all of us. At the same time it is a shared, universal experience. Taste enables us to connect, with ourselves and with our environments. By embracing this intrinsic aspect of the human experience we created an emotion-based environment which people can relate to. The end result is a campaign that concentrates on human emotions —the experience of tastes— connected to moments facilitated by Mövenpick. The playful and witty narrative functions as a bridge that connects the gap between the travel and culinary pillars of the brand by combining culinary definitions with travel experiences. With its new campaign, Mövenpick is distinctively engaging its audience while reinforcing and expanding its positioning as a destination for human connection.