Klein Media

Relaunching an established agency
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Stationery
  • Strategy
Klein Media is a data-driven, digitally-focused agency based in the heart of Amsterdam. This progressive initiative is formed by a collective of hands-on achievers who want to make an impact by delivering cutting-edge solutions that are defining the digital ecosystem of tomorrow. To build experiences that activate and endure. The ambitious team of Klein Media works with a remarkable portfolio of clients, from Heineken to Nestlé, to Coca-Cola.


Our lives are defined by digital products, ranging from addictive mobile applications to disruptive online platforms that influence our behaviour significantly. It’s an incredibly dynamic and demanding world that requires digitally oriented agencies to be flexible and perceptive. Klein Media’s objective was to reintroduce itself as a brand with a high sense of durability and steadfastness, in order to engage with the fast-paced digital world of today and tomorrow. How exactly do we renew this agency while incorporating an attitude of strength and determination? The moment had arrived to ignite an evolutionary transformation for Klein Media, both online and offline.


Klein Media asked us to rebrand their agency. And we did. The corporate identity had to be redone entirely from scratch, giving it the resilience and attitude it much needed. We created a custom made logotype infused with boldness and consisting of sharp edges to form the core of the new identity, supported by a vibrant color palette and a trademark inspired icon. Various, multidimensional touch points have been created on which the new visual language is applied, inspired by the dynamic forms and edges of the new logotype. The result is a modern and powerful visual environment that emphasises on Klein Media’s mission: to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions.