Victus is a sports and lifestyle company from The Netherlands, offering innovative and uniquely developed sports nutrition products that help people to increase their performance and recovery. A pre-workout supplement called Energy Water and a post-workout supplement called Nutrition Water, also available in a vegan variant. Victus is seeking to establish a strong position within the sports and supplements industry by engaging with athletes and clubs from around the world.

Victus was on the verge of a European rollout and wanted to ignite a multidimensional campaign to boost its brand awareness and product engagement. Our main objective was to introduce the brand in new environments and to find a connection with people and communities in suburban areas. Victus wants to become a brand that people can relate to, a brand that inspires and motivates. The Dutch startup had to be developed into a transformative lifestyle brand in order to realise a strong positioning within the saturated market of sports nutrition products.

Mirage has shaped an empowering online and offline campaign focused on function and emotion – a balance we generally very much like to find in the expressions we create and the connections we establish. We executed various out of home messages that are all closely connected to the environments and subcultures we wanted to engage with, from sports fields to vibrant areas in big cities. Besides the campaign, our team has created packaging designs, content strategies and supportive touch-points that all seek to ignite the inner motivation of the person who wants to turn ambition into reality.