Tresor Records

Tresor, one of the most established and influential clubs on the planet, opened its doors in the 90’s and has become a significant institution ever since. Based in Berlin, the club manages its own music label as well, called Tresor Records, releasing both vinyl- and electronic records. The much respected and prominent label is a true source of inspiration for a huge international crowd. Tresor Records provides emerging artists with a platform to make name for themselves and offers established artists a solid channel to accelerate their careers even further.


Shaping and realising a distinctive release on Tresor Records including supportive touch-points such as a tote bag and further stationery. The design had to be in harmony with Tresor’s overall brand guidelines, but most importantly, had to become an extension of the music of this particular release.


We created intriguing and distinctive artwork for Tresor’s Demo Tracks #01 release. Using planetary constellations as the core of the branding; representing the power and depth of the tracks listed on this release. The background imagery on the album artwork itself, including the posters and stationery, were supportively created with a distortion functionality provided by a Max MSP plug-in.