Taste Java

Taste Java is the critically acclaimed bar & restaurant from Villa Borobudur Resort. Located in the resort, next to Villa Mahayana, on the slopes of the Javanese Menoreh mountains in Indonesia, overlooking the Borobudur Temple. Taste Java is more than a culinary experience alone – it’s an authentic Javanese cultural institution. Traditional ceremonial events, cooking classes, fruit gardens, a sundeck providing unforgettable views of the rugged Javanese landscapes surrounded by the vibrant jungle and volcanoes. An immersive, secluded and impressive experience.


Taste Java had to be shaped as a conscious and organic Javanese brand, embracing the local environment prominently. Its newly formed core-values had to be incorporated as a foundation; sustainability, purity and harmony. How do we find a balance between authenticity and progression, while building an identity which connects seamlessly to the resort? TJ had to be positioned on such way, it would be attracting both a local- and international audience while contributing genuinely to the memorable experiences of its guests.


Mirage created a completely new identity for Taste Java, with a Joglo-inspired custom icon as the core of the renewed brand. We approached the new identity for Taste Java as an extension of VBR, using similar earthy tones and a vibrant visual language. Various content strategies have been conceptualised and executed, to position TJ as a lifestyle destination. Besides the new brand identity, our teams have created marketing- and communication strategies, webdesign, photography and a wide variety of touch points.