The Influence and Inevitability of Sales

Everyone is a sales person. Up to a certain degree. We all have to influence people to find our way in business and life. The moment when we engaged in a job interview or when asking someone out for a date, was all sales. Every time we encounter another person, aspects of sales are at play. Sales is not only the process of exchanging a product or service for a certain value, but it is primarily a process of influence.

The faster you internalize sales as an inevitable skill that empowers you to reach goals, the faster you achieve great success. It does not matter at all what path you travel, for you to become good in what you desire, you must learn how to sell.

Sales will truly make or break a business. Invest in advancing and developing the sales skills of your team and organisation to its fullest potential. The first step though, is to be 100% convinced of your product or service. If you’re not, don’t even start. How would you be able to convince another person when you’re not entirely convinced of it yourself?

The reputation of the ‘sales industry’ is quite interesting, we have the impression it’s filled with sleek people having smooth and manipulative business talk who would do anything, to make a commission. Don’t use any form of manipulation to bring your product or service across. Be sincere and act with integrity, only then you will succeed in the long run and create a healthy environment for yourself, and others, to operate in.

The crucial part of business-sales is to show the prospect the value of the product and how it helps them to solve a certain problem. Therefore it is of vital importance to get to know your prospect as good as possible including their so-called ‘pain points’, and the outcome desired to achieve. Be adept, have a listening ear and ask valid questions — all mandatory factors for becoming successful with sales. Sales is communication. Sales is interactive. Sales should be about honesty.

Last but not least, you must have a genuine desire to serve your clients and not just sell. Pay the utmost attention to your customers, so you can truly achieve success, together. Trust, loyalty and commitment. That’s all needed for you and your clients to enjoy sustainable successes.

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