Berlin Infusions Co. is a company that produces premium ready made beverages. HØT is its first product of a new line, a twist of the famous “Mexikaner” shot but with a high-end recipe; chili infused vodka, blended citrus juices and pomegranate. Mirage was ordered to create a suitable packaging for the new product, to oversee the entire art direction process and to eventually ignite a steady launch.   


How can we realise a smooth product introduction for Berlin Infusions’ new product and simultaneously conquer a steady market positioning? The main focus was aimed on the Berlin market and its associated audiences. A competitive market filled with cutting-edge and innovative products.

A nocturnal, yet clean and refreshing atmosphere has become the identity of Berlin Infusions’ new product. At the core, based on the flavours of HØT; sweet, sour and a kick of spice. We targeted a young, hip and alternative profile in order to communicate on levels of which Berlin’s nightlife could identify itself strongly with: daring and characteristic.