Mike, Founder of Mirage

Mike, Founder of Mirage

An Organic Approach to Branding

We live in a world filled with businesses that are trying to make a difference by providing an added value. Whether that’s an innovative service or the typical ‘disruptive’ product, it is more challenging than ever before to truly stand out and to connect smoothly with the desired target group(s).

At Mirage we believe that organic approaches are, and will remain, the best pathways to true success. That’s most definitely the case in regard to branding. There’s a huge difference between managing a business and managing a brand.

The essence of branding

At the core of branding it’s all about shaping an identity which transmits certain values through creative positioning and strategies —both visual and textual— that eventually has to influence the attitude of the people within your target group(s), to ultimately stimulate emotions and actions. In short, through the process of branding, you will create an identity which is built upon selected core-values, allowing you to improve performance and connectivity with people effectively. This process is all about establishing a strong human connection to develop senses of trust, loyalty and ultimately, retention. Branding is a much appraised process designed to make a huge impact on both short- and long term successes, if executed accordingly.

Approaching brand success

In order to achieve maximum performance and ultimate impact, it is highly recommended to first look inward, before shifting the focus outward. We always start the process with selecting and developing a few so-called ‘core-values’ that will shape the main pillars of the ‘soul’ of the brand. Based upon these core-values —including a thorough competitor and landscape analysis— we shape the brand identity in the form of custom made logotypes, fonts, color schemes, visual languages, tonalities and overall extensive creative content. Once the identity is shaped, the brand is born. It’s time for the next step. Through mutual creative and analytical exploration we shape various strategies —including launch plans— which are focused on bringing the brand across, effectively. A part of this process, as described, is also known as the ‘inside-out’ method and has proven to be an excellent approach to shaping a distinctive and resilient brand.

Our creative teams are highly experienced with creating brand identities and shaping distinctive strategies. We simply love it. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level or seeking to create a new brand? Contact us for a non-binding personal consult. Let’s talk.

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